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Hear what my customers have to say

Peter (Coxhoe - Durham)

After having an eye operation, I found that I was unable to hit the ball as consistently as pre-op and I therefore needed help. So I was introduced to Michael by a mate.
Michael took the time to analyse my existing swing, before we tried out various revisions to see what I was capable of. Ultimately, we agreed to totally change my swing as being the best long term solution. This was a joint decision and not something that was foisted upon me.
I was then taken through a process, step by step, with regular feedback and video analysis. I particularly appreciated the fact sheets and analysis, including training exercises for me to work on either at the range, or at home.
With the process now complete, I am hitting the ball longer and straighter than ever. Also, I have won my first club competition and my first society comp!

If you are thinking of spending £100-200 on a new driver because you want to hit the ball higher, longer and straighter then I would recommend that you have a few lessons with Michael first - you will get better results and it will probably work out cheaper.

Ian (Thorpe Thewles - Cleveland)

There are very few golfing mentors who really take time to wish to engage with the people they teach. You are one of very few. Most golf professionals, but not you, have a natural arrogance and may show how golf can be done but not really attempt to show the trainee they are teaching how they can best play what is, after all, a game!! Most very good golfers prefer not to pass on their gift because they themselves want to retain a competitive edge. They go one step further and attempt to gain more of a competitive edge by sledging or gamesmanship. Learning to get competent at golf wholly by playing golf on a golf course is not an option for those who work and have families.

I thank you for the time you have spent teaching me and preparing advice for me. I shall now begin to work with the advice intended to improve my game for next season as I intend to beat this seasons best, a gross 76, next year and do that from the competition tees. Two seasons ago, I struggled to break 90. I look forward to being able to show my progress at my next lesson with you. I shall be in contact soon regarding that.

Dave (Seaton Carew - Cleveland)

"I have been taking lessons every 6 weeks or so for over a year now, and can say Michael has transformed my swing. He has an easy going, relaxed way and sense of humour which transfers to his pupil. As a result of the lessons I am swinging much more confidently and am more orthodox in action. We spend as much time with the short game as the long game and also work on the mental game. His approach is comprehensive.

I would recommend Michael for golf coaching wholeheartedly.

p.s. He's also coaching my son now with great results.

James (Thornley - Co. Durham)

Hi Michael, thought I would drop you an email. Played at Brancepeth today for the first time since our lessons. I have to say it was a totally different experience for me to how I played before, as I came away from the course thinking about all the good shots I had hit and not dwelling on my poor shots.

On the course, I was able to 'let go' of any negative emotion when I did hit a poor shot which enabled me to totally focus on the next shot. This allowed me to approach the shot with more confidence in my own ability than ever before. Also, I now feel that I know what to do to correct things if I hit a bad shot so I don't worry about it and just get on with it! 

As a result, my game has improved a lot. My mentality has changed towards the game which allows me to really enjoy playing again and not get frustrated. I feel sure that my bad shots were more down to the course conditions after the recent heavy snow, so when the conditions improve my game will only get better. You always maintained that I had a decent swing and my problem was that I was 'getting in my own way' and not letting my natural ability/talent to come through. 

If I know of anyone who needs help with their game I will pass on your details, and will be in touch if I feel that there is anything I need to improve on.

Gill (Durham - Co. Durham)

I started playing golf relatively late in life, in my 50's, so that I could enjoy golf in my retirement.  However, four years into that retirement, I completely lost confidence and found the enjoyment was quickly turning into anxiety and frustration.

I have experienced various golf lessons before but without any lasting success, and it was on the driving range at Knotty Hill that I heard about Michael so decided to book some lessons.

On first meeting Michael, I immediately felt comfortable and at ease, an important factor for me.  I particularly liked Michael's approach to teaching.  To assess a golf swing and identify the correct sequence of drills in order to improve is a unique skill.  The written recap of the lesson by email was really impressive and helped me a lot.

I  thoroughly enjoyed the lessons, my confidence has returned and I look forward to reducing my 23 handicap.  I have no hesitation in recommending Michael as as golf coach and I'd like to say a big THANK YOU.

Karen - (Durham)

Hi Michael,

On behalf of our group please could I thank you for the fabulous 'school' we took part in yesterday.

Our group was a real mixed ability group and we all really enjoyed the mix of driving range, chipping and putting and venturing out onto the course. For some of our group this was a huge step forward and we all felt that we have learned a whole range of new skills which we hope to put into practice out on the course.

We all really enjoyed your informal and fun approach which has given us all the confidence to now start learning to play golf.

Thanks again for your expertise and support.